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*make note of the following income limits.


2/3 of our cohort must be both Low-Income and First generation college (meaning parent(s) make equal to or less than the amount in the link, and parent(s) do not have bachelor's degrees). The remaining 1/3 can be one of two (either/or).

1. One of the following three financial statements:
a.Most recent tax return, 
b.a signed earning statement by parent/guardian, 
c.or verification from another government source.  
2. photocopy of student's social security card
3. High School Transcript
4. Personal Statement of Interest & Goals
5. Academic Letter of Recommendation (to be authored by a teacher, counselor, principal, etc., who can attest to the student's desire to learn).
6. Personal Letter of Recommendation  (to be authored by a nonfamily member, priest, pastor, employer, family friend, etc., who can attest to the student's character).
7.College transcripts (if student is in dual credit/concurrent enrollment)


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